I am not a wine expert.  I know wine perhaps better than the average diner, I know my grapes, I know how to order and pair wines and I can usually identify a wine by taste. Being somewhat of an oenophile, I have made wine successfully at home, but again I am not a wine expert. I don’t qualify as a sommelier and bottle to bottle, my beer to wine ratio is surely over 10:1. However, one of my best friends on this planet is an accomplished wine connoisseur since his days at Lindey’s, an esteemed Columbus eatery. Having been bitten by the wine bug (surely a weevil), he traveled to Napa Valley, then to France where he not only obtained a master’s degree, but put in work at the vaunted Domaine du Closel under the tutelage of  Madame Evelyne de Pontbriand.

I strongly recommend following his wine blog  http://thegrandcrew.org/ which is extensive and well written. Kenny is fluent in English, Spanish & French and is quick to offer advice and counsel on all things wine related.  Talk is cheap but Kenny knows what he is talking about.  Kenny is famous as someone who has eaten or will eat practically anything, trust his advice if you are facing a difficult or unusual pairing. He won’t let you down.