This may be somewhat off topic but it is worth mentioning. Last night I attended the opening reception at the Museum of the Americas for the exhibition “7 Artists from 7 Countries” and an adjunct showing by Mexico’s Cyntia Caballero. Since this is a culinary blog i will mention that the hors d’oeuvres were tasty but pedestrian, the wine was of the supermarket variety (this is not a complaint, there was no charge for admission, either) and most of the art was ok, with some noteworthy abstractions by Italian Corrado de Benedictis; however the standout work was undoubtedly that of Colombian artist Luisa Pulido. I had efficiently been moving from room to room, painting to painting but when I encountered her works I no longer moved. I just stared. Pulido’s paintings are not art you look at, rather art you look into. There were some individual pieces yet the most impressive was an abstract series that took up several canvasses and the majority of a 20′ exhibit wall. I know food, not art; so I won’t pretend to write an art review. I know what I like, though.

A curator noticed and as Ms. Pulido was in attendance, introduced me. Pulido explained that these were her earlier works, her style has evolved somewhat since then. None of her recent works were present though she was able to show me several images and they have only left me anxious to see more.  Showing the most consistent and well thought out work of this entire international exhibit,  I was stunned to learn that Pulido is entirely self taught! Miami is home to successful and world famous Colombian artists like Romero Brito, but I will be following abstractionist Luisa Pulido from now on.