Saturday, May 1 I was parked on Collins Avenue near 68th St. and in front of Iron Sushi. In the past I had passable sushi from their Brickell and South Beach locations, but this time I hadn’t eaten at the restaurant, merely taken advantage of the metered parking out front.  When I returned to my car slightly after 6 pm I was blocked in by an old car that had inconsiderately parked blocking one of the travel lanes on heavily trafficked Collins Avenue. Traffic is already bad enough, this was making it worse… I went in the restaurant and asked for whoever’s car that was to be moved, and the cashier quite curtly and in really a smart ass manner said it was not from anyone from Iron Sushi.  After waiting patiently a few more minutes., I got out, looked in the car – it was full of Iron Sushi menus!  I went back in, this time demanding loudly to MOVE THE CAR.  The liar cashier of course could not look me in the eye and a delivery driver promptly appeared and did move the car… simply blocking someone else in.

I certainly won’t patronize such rude and unethical people. It’s bad enough to be a bad neighbor but to be rude and dishonest is simply unpalatable.