Ok, update: They just changed the menu and now tacos are $0.99 every day. Probably the best food deal on the beach.

Tuesdays are 79¢ taco nights at Crazy Mexican Taco Bar. I went there a couple of weeks ago and they have the traditional Mexican style tacos at this price (soft white corn tortilla shell) filled with chicken or pork, then they have a salsa bar where you dress the tacos as you see fit.  As is usually the case in central Mexican states such as Michoacán or Jalisco, cheese is an additional option.

I had 4 tacos for lunch and they were quite filling, tasty and competent. They reminded me of something I might get from a street vendor in Zócalo (Town square in Mexico City) or Arandas, Jalisco. In other words, very good.  The sauces – I had the not so traditional “fiery hot habañero” sauce, which was flavorful, but not as fiery as advertised – at least not to my palate.

On a Tuesday in Miami Beach, I can’t think of more flavor per centavo. Crazy Mexican Taco Bar comes highly recommended.